Disposable – Water Bottle Caps and Irrigation Systems for flexible Endoscopes

Different pressure conditions during gastroenterology endoscopy procedures are the main reason for the backflow of contaminated liquids from the GI-tract far behind the valves at the control part. Therefore, also for water bottles for the optic flushing system inclusive cap and tubing system a validated daily reprocessing procedure inclusive sterilisation is an absolutely must.

The use of disposable materials offers safety in view to the risk of cross contamination but offers a significant time- and cost – reduction in the area of personal resources. Also the use of ready to use sterile Aquadest in disposable water bottles and the corresponding caps and tubes are state of the art. The growing risk of multi-resistant-germs can be limited by using disposable lids, connectors, tubes and valves as well for auxiliary StopCon Caps and Irrigation covers this demand safely and priceless!

  • StopCon Caps (Water Bottle Caps) and Irrigation (auxiliary flushing)
  • water bottle caps standard with CO² tubing (reduce stockl)
  • one standard tubing system with water bottle lid for auxiliary flushing
  • individual connector for the auxililiary flushing tube to different endoscope/li>
  • standard – CO² - tube for external pumps
  • safe sterile packs
  • pricesless/ much cheaper that re-processing and re-usable components
  • LOT-No. for documentation
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