insitumed offers probably the widest range of cleaning brushes/pads for surgical and endoscopic instruments and many other medical devices. The finest cleaning brushes start with a 1mm brush head - a masterpiece of precision mechanics. 

enziQure and enziMed

Two reliable intensive cleaning agents for the removal of biofilms in flexible endoscopes.   Due to their design, flexible endoscopes offer the ideal scope for the formation of biofilms.    

Areas that are difficult to access sometimes do not allow mechanical breaking of biofilms by means of cleaning brushes at all critical points. Some endoscope manufacturers also offer points of attack such as the Albarran, air or water canal, depending on the design.    

Intensive treatment of the entire canal system is necessary from time to time. The Belgian manufacturer OneLife has developed a proven and reliable system for this purpose. Based on enzyme cleaning components amylases, lipases and proteases, enziQure Intensive/Basic Cleaner is available for the removal of older biofilms and stubborn residual contamination.      

For daily prevention enziMed is recommended to be placed in the bath for leak test and channel control by means of a cleaning brush.

This enables you to reliably break up possible biofilms in the RDG-E before they are actually processed.