Clothes for the protection of personnel, patient or visitor play a special role in health care.

The different disposable materials neither take over cotton cloths nor offering outstanding advantages. Moisture barrier, from water resistant to water tight, specimen barriers, different spectra and levels of other criteria up to the question of recycling coming up. 

Controlling is looking for a cost saving potential on quality. Very often hospital visitors wear protection gowns which are quality wise protecting more the budget than the people. 

But it’s correct to include all aspects into the ranking to talk about efficiency.

insitumed understood the customer’s wishes and offers a tailor made program protective cloths for reprocessing, examination, endoscopic and surgical treatments, intensive care, visitors up to endoscopic boxer shorts. 

Be surprised on which question and demand we have the answer.

Gowns for medical, care and examination

The German Society of Infection Control (DGKH) defines the use of gowns taking the following aspects into consideration:

  • gowns, used as personel protection equipment (PPE) agaist bio-burden (blood, germ, virus, parasites etc.), have to fulfill the requirements of DIN EN 14126.
  • Gowns have to protect the front body against fluids an must be resistant against mechanical influences.
  • In case that a gown also must insolate, it has to be long enough to protect most of the body, also have to be safely closed on the back, resistant against mechanical influences, and finally long sleeve with cuff.
  • The cuff needs to coat the wrist safely.
  • Product features, such as fitting, material weight, skin feeling, wearing comford etc are essential criteria as well as the price.
  • The color has no infuence on the characteristics.

Insitumed continously is controlling the gowns at an neutral institution. Results and certificates can be supplied against request.

In general just gowns with minimum criteria can be counted as a personal protection equipment. Visitors gowns with light weight material are not PPE and are a risk for the team. Visitors gown just should be used to stop visitors bringing into a medical unit unwanted germs, and the other way round carrying germs from medical units outside.

Insitumed has got the SplashCode® on all gowns for PPE. Behind this term we understand to fulfill the minimum criteria for PPE described in DIN EN14126. The higher the demand for the product, the higher we defined criteria for tests.

  • Reprocessing-/ MRSA – gowns = SplashCode® on the front
  • Isolation gown = SplashCode® all around
  • OR – gown = SplashCode® all around

Our new SplashCode® by insitumed will make your team smile at work and and protects all at the working place!

Check your demand today and let us know what we can do for you!

New Convenience Protective Gown (PPE)

Our Convenience protective gown is a new development and meets the requirements of personal protective equipment (PPE). The body front is covered, liquid-tight and durable. New on these gowns is the free back as well as the thumb loops in addition to the elastic cuffs. The gowns are cut from one piece and welded to the sleeves. Perforation in the shoulder area allows for the gown easier removal, which reduces the risk of contamination. Pleasant wearing comfort even after a long wearing time and no head congestion can develop. Gloves easier to pull through thanks to thumb loops in addition to the knitted cuffs.